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Industrial Ergonomics

We help our clients remove barriers to human performance and achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, and in health and safety.

Ergonomics Services

  • Management Systems , Workplace Ergonomics Assessments, Engineering and Design , Ergonomics Training


  • Introduction to Human Factors , Research Methods and Statistics Safety
  • Risk and Reliability Engineering
  • Design of Environments where Humans Interaction with Machine poses a considerable Hazard
  • Management for Technology , Organizational Change and Development
  • Human Performance and Error Training and Simulation
  • Industrial Ergonomics, Office Ergonomics
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Workshop Ergonomics Assessment

Special Modules

  • Human Biomechanics Understanding
  • Ergonomics Special Techniques
  • Stepping and Handling Techniques, Lifting Techniques
  • Hands Protection and Hands Injury Prevention
  • Hand Tool Safety
  • Office Ergonomics related to Computers
  • Manufacturing Industry Ergonomics
  • Slips Trips and Falls Prevention
  • Warm Up Exercises and Videos
  • Furniture Assessment and Recommendations

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