The development activity, growth plans, and performance of an organization depend on a talented, technical workforce. To be successful, business leaders must synchronize technical talent with business strategy. Competency management is the best way to ensure this synchronization. For both small teams and large groups spanning multiple asset teams, OSALP International has helped organizations and professionals worldwide assess their talent, design training programs, and develop technical capabilities.

Developing World-Class Competency

OSALP International delivers competency management projects customized to each company’s unique needs at different scales—from accelerated team development projects spanning several weeks to immersive programs following asset teams through multiple assignments. We offer innovative learning that blends the industry’s strongest technical foundation and technology, delivering the most trusted capability and workforce optimization solutions. Our competency management solutions are flexible, modular, tiered, and integrate training programs that address real-life scenarios and instruct solving genuine problems.

Flexible, Modular, and Tiered Competency Management Offering

Approach and Methodology: A Systematic and Quantitative Approach to Improved Performance

OSALP International’s competency management program is a structured, tiered, and documented process that defines the performance capabilities critical to managing a successful project and ultimately prescribes a learning plan for company personnel to obtain those capabilities. Performed in close cooperation with OSALP experts, the entire process includes active participation and input from individuals, asset teams, project managers, HR managers, and the wider organization. This ensures that the resulting learning plans and outcomes are tailored to meet the organization’s specific needs. The program utilizes formal systems and tools and processes to ensure personnel are competent to complete tasks to a determined standard.