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HSE Project Management

HSE Project Management Services:

Effective Management of Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment issues in a Development Project is vital. However, each Project has a Unique Set of HSE expectations determined by the project’s Scope and Schedule. These expectations are set within a framework of Legislative Requirements, Industry Guidelines and Company Standards.

The Integration and Management of HSE from Project Conception through all phases of Project Development will ensure that Project Goals are met without Compromising Safety or the Environment.


  • OSALP can undertake the Management of all Health, Safety and Environment work required for such Development Projects. Typically, this involves a Dedicated OSALP Consultant working directly with the Development Project Team and who provides the Interface with the OSALP Specialist Teams as and when needed.
  • The Role may go under different Titles including HSE Manager, HSEA Manager, and Lead Safety Engineer etc. depending upon Client Preference and exact definition of responsibilities.
  • The duties of the assigned HSE management personnel would typically entail preparing the Project HSE Plan, which defines the project goals and objectives and the precise activities needed to achieve them. Subsequently, the assigned personnel would conduct or manage the activities described in the Project HSE Plan.

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