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Importance of RHA

Many companies in Pakistan rely heavily on land transport for their business. These include people movement, equipment movement as well as material movement. Therefore all routes and roads travelled should be assessed for hazards and those inherent risks that would adversely affect the success of a journey should be controlled. OSALP International competent team would perform the following activities.

Hazard Type for each KM

Driving surface width and integrity, potential collision objects, road intersections, Road furniture, History of vehicle accidents or traffic conflicts are all recorded. A mobile signal strength is measured and recorded also at each kilometer.

Risk Ranking

The risks and all preventive and mitigation controls measures are identified. Alternative lower risk routes are recommended whenever possible in preference of those with a higher risk ranking.

Driver age, vehicle condition and hours of operations are also taken.

Escalation Factors

Fog, smog, smoke, poor drainage/frequent mud, snow and ice, shadowed areas crosswinds, weight restrictions (road/bridges), sun, road surface when wet, low illumination, driver experience, conflicting priorities and rain.

OSALP team travel along the same route and sometimes in the same vehicle for Road Hazard Assessment

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