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We are business professionals with recognized expertise and experience. We give consulting services relating to the Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) aspects of a business.

Professional Touch:

We assist companies in the structure and implementation of workplace safety, corporate loss control and regulatory compliance. Every member of our staff not only holds highly technical degrees, they also have practical in-field QHSSE experience. We bring a reality of what works and what does not to every situation.

OSALP Solutions:

We provide practical solutions to help organizations prevent losses systematically. We work closely with our clients in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and excellence of any system in place which will most definitely lead to reduced losses, improved quality, increased production, accident free culture and sound financial gain.

There are cases when contracts have been cancelled and contractors have not been qualified purely because of the non-existence of a system in the company.

What we can Accomplish:

We fully understand client, contractor, industrial and transportation safety issues, regulations and remedies. Hence you gain the peace-of-mind in knowing experienced professionals are involved in your company’s QHSSE processes.

  • Increase your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduce your Insurance Premiums
  • Increase the Quality of your Products and your Workforce Competencies
  • Satisfy the Government, the Law, NGO’S and Communities where you work and do business
  • Reduce your Risk Exposure
  • Reduce the Frequency and Severity of your Accidents and Losses
  • Reduce your Costs
  • Meet Production and Completion Deadlines within Budget
  • Improve your Productivity
  • Increase Employee Moral

OSALP International