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Incident Investigation Services

“Every accident, no matter how minor, is a failure of organization.” This quotation delivered in 1953 by Professor Kenneth R. Andrews of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, carries the implication that an accident is a reflection on management’s ability to manage.

We need to understand that an objective investigation to determine the root causes of an accident is both a science and an art. As a science it demands special techniques and disciplines that are unfolded in this book. It is an art because of the background of experience, even an acquired intuition, needed to bring together the information and analyze it properly for a productive conclusion, letting the chips fall where they may.

With over 16 years of incident investigation and problem solving experience, OSALP International is well placed to help you, your team and your organization with all aspects of incident investigation. Should you require help with planning, facilitating, managing or leading incident investigations; OSALP can offer an impartial and professional service. Whether you need help composing realistic Terms of Reference, assistance kick-starting or running the whole investigation process or you just need a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to examine investigation details, we are ready to assist you.

OSALP investigators have experience working in diverse industries and with all types and severity of incident. Our focused professional approach to investigation means that you can expect robust analysis, results and value for money from our team.

Having investigated some extremely high profile and serious incidents in the past, you can rest assured that OSALP is comfortable working at all levels of an organization including presenting investigation findings.

How effective is your current investigation program? Are you investigating incidents, but not seeing the number of injuries and the dollar losses going down? There are many reasons for this disconnect and regardless of the investigation model you use, whether it’s a paper form or a computer based program; our training will allow you to produce more effective corrective actions.

OSALP investigators uses the same techniques taught on all of our professional incident investigation courses

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