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Environment Services

We work with our Clients to develop Sustainable Solutions to the wide range of Environmental and Social Pressures they face. We are focused on providing the Environmental and Associated Services our Clients need to meet these Challenges.

Cradle to Grave:

To be Successful in Today’s Market and build Reputation and Brand, Organizations need to show that they are Minimizing their Environmental Footprint and delivering Positive Social and Economic Benefits. Corporate Responsibility or Sustainable Development can only be achieved when Environmental, Social and Economic Principles are embedded into an Organization’s Management Systems and Aligned to Broader Business Objectives.

Environment Services

  • Environment Management System and Integrated QHSSE Management System Development
  • Hazardous Air Emission Plan
  • Waste Minimization and Management Plan
  • Spill Prevention and Control Plan, Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Environmental Audits
  • Waste Disposal Contractor Audits
  • Environment Inspections
  • Wash Bay Designs
  • Waste Water Discharge Sampling Analysis Plan
  • Resource Conservation Guidelines
  • Hazardous Substance Storage Guidelines
  • Air Emission Calculator, Mercury Assessment
  • Environmental Risk Management – Hazard Analysis and Risk Mitigation
  • Environmental Exit Surveys, Environmental Acquisition for New Land Surveys
  • Facility Environment Management
  • Compliance Audits
  • Tools for External ISO 14001 Audit
  • Site Environmental History File—Prevent your self from unknown future liabilities by maintaining this file
  • Environmental Program Development
  • Energy and Water Conservation
  • Environmental Performance
  • Environmental Manual
  • Hazardous Waste Storage, Regulatory Reviews

Environment Training

  • Environment Training for the Beginners
  • Environment Training for Managers
  • World Environmental Risks
  • Environmental Auditor Training
  • Facility Environmental Manager’s Training
  • Train the Trainer Environmental Courses
  • Tailor Made Environmental Courses
  • Training Need Analysis for Environment

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