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PTCL Safety Masterclass for the Leadership

We had the privilege of conducting a Safety Masterclass for the leadership team at PTCL. Our focus was on fostering a culture of safety that resonates at all levels of the organization.

“Practical Office Ergonomics: Atlas Honda’s Successful Training Initiative”

Atlas Honda recently organized an Office Ergonomics Session, emphasizing hands-on exercises and practical demonstrations. Led by ergonomic experts, the session provided employees with valuable insights into optimizing their workstations for comfort and productivity. Through interactive workshops and practical exercises, employees learned effective techniques to improve posture and reduce strain. The emphasis on practical learning has resulted in tangible improvements in employee well-being and satisfaction, showcasing Atlas Honda's dedication to fostering a healthy work environment

Pioneering Success: Behavior-Based Safety Training for Package (DIC)

More than 50 individuals participated in a revolutionary Behavior-Based Safety Training course. This innovative program diverged from conventional safety approaches by placing a paramount focus on identifying at-risk behaviors rather than solely addressing environmental conditions. The course's resounding success stemmed from its hands-on, participatory methodology. Participants were not passive recipients of information; instead, they engaged in live observations, actively witnessing behaviors that could potentially lead to workplace accidents or hazards.

Defensive Driving and Specialized Off-Road Driver Training for BGP

"OSALP, recently orchestrated a comprehensive Defensive and Off-Road Defensive Driving Training Course tailored specifically for 30 experienced BGP drivers. This specialized program equipped participants with invaluable skills and knowledge to navigate challenging terrains and handle defensive driving scenarios effectively. Over the course of the program, participants engaged in rigorous practical exercises and theoretical sessions, guided by seasoned instructors with extensive expertise in defensive driving techniques. Through hands-on experience and interactive learning modules, drivers were equipped with strategies to mitigate risks and respond adeptly to diverse driving challenges.

Safety Leadership Course for Senior Leaders of Fauji Cement

"The Safety Leadership Course for Senior Leaders of Fauji Cement was conducted with resounding success, featuring a diverse range of activities aimed at enhancing safety awareness and leadership skills. OSALP received excellent and positive feedback from participants, further solidifying its effectiveness in promoting a culture of safety within the organization."

Integrated Management System Training for Fauji Cement

We're excited to announce the completion of our Integrated Management System (IMS) course! Participants gained essential skills, practical knowledge, and valuable information in terms of Quality, Health Safety and the environment.

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