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Realistic Safety Solutions

No matter what Industry you are in or the size of your Organization, our QHSSE professionals will deliver the Customized, Flexible, State-of-the-Art Consulting Services you need to protect Employees and Contractors, Reduce Losses and Insurance Costs, Ensure Compliance with, and Protect your Hard-Earned Reputation.

Safety Services

  • Designing of Safety Management System and Integrated QHSSE Management System Development
  • Evaluation of Leadership, Commitment and Accountability
  • Policy Formulation and Objectives Reviews
  • Organization and Resources
  • Contractor and Supplier Management
    • Pre-Mobilization Audits, Mobilization Reviews, Execution Inspections and Audits, Demobilization Checklist and Reviews, Development of Contractor Performance¬†¬† Matrices, Complete Contractor and Subcontractor Safety Pre-Qualifications
  • Hazard Management and Risk Control
    • Job Hazard Analysis, HAZOPS, HAZID, THA, TRA
  • Risk Minimization Reviews and Studies
  • Risk Mitigation Measures and Controls
  • Business Processes and Continuity
    • Environmental Planning, Safety and Security Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning, Emergency Response Planning and Development of Plans
  • Event Reporting and Management
  • Conduct Accident and Fatality Investigation
  • Carrying out Inspections (Workshop, Well Site, Factory, Office, Vehicles, Contractors, Catering etc)
  • Recognition Programs Development and Advice
  • Audits and Reviews Services, Develop Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Provide Pre-Bid Safety Analysis, conduct Regulation Interpretation
  • Implement Accident and Case Management Strategies
  • Compose Corporate Safety Programs and Manuals
  • Perform Task Hazard Analysis

Videos Productions

OSALP also offers blended learning solutions including specialized digital video making for clients specific needs. The videos can be made in Multiple Language to cater for different audience.

OSALP International