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Corporate Assessments

Assessments that you can trust as fair and useful.

  • Culture and Engagement Assessment
  • HSE Culture Assessment
  • 360 Degree Assessment
  • Aptitude Testing

Full Time Experts Include

  • Oxford University UK:  Professionals
  • Psychology Experts: Cambridge University UK
  • PHD Doctors
  • Engineers and Professionals

Corporate Assessment Details

Culture and Engagement Assessment

When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute

We conduct comprehensive company culture assessment and employee engagement survey employing a multifaceted approach that integrates quantitative and qualitative methods. This survey encompasses key dimensions of workplace culture, leadership effectiveness, communication channels, career development opportunities, and overall job satisfaction.

HSE Culture Maturity Assessment

If you put good people in bad systems, you get bad results

“Optimize safety with our HSE Culture and Maturity Assessment services. Our international HSE experts evaluate your organization, aligning it with global benchmarks. Receive a detailed report for strategic improvements, fostering a robust HSE culture. Partner with us for tailored solutions, prioritizing safety and measurable results.”

360 Degree Assessment

OSALP International