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Inspection and Audit

Assessment and Continuous Improvement

OSALP has conducted a large number of Job Site Safety Inspections for many different types of clients around the world.

The Inspection and Audits Services include:

  • Identifying Company Risk and Liability Exposures
  • Avoiding potential Regulatory Violations
  • Preparing for Client and Insurance Inspections
  • Determining Potential Injury Hazards
  • Reviving Safety Program and Training Requirements
  • Developing Remedial Work Plans to Implement Site Specific Safety Plans

A Job Site Inspection consists of looking at General Site Conditions, review of Compliance Documents, Personnel Interviews and

Observing Task Specific Work. OSALP will then identify Potential Risks and communicate them to your Company in an easily understandable report with Suggested Corrective Actions.

Facility Safety Review

  • Need for Management Involvement
  • Fall Protection Requirements
  • Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
  • Chemical Storage Requirements
  • Scaffolding Requirements
  • Trenching Requirements
  • Confined Space Requirements
  • Crane Safety Requirements
  • Particular Training Requirement
  • Policy Revising

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