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Spill Control & Response Training




Training Price

PKR 16,500

Upcoming Session

14 Oct 2024


1 Day



Free Template For Spill Prevention & Control Includes

This training shows how to safely store, use and transport dangerous substances in order to minimise the risk of a spill. It also explains the most effective methods of spill response in the workplace and how to effectively use a Spill Kit.

Spill Response and Control Agenda

  • Spill Drill
  • Emergency Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Spill Technology & Tackling a Spill
  • Pakistan law and regulations
  • Defining a reportable spill and reporting requirements
  • Creating a safe spill response plan
  • Recognize hazards
  • Assessing Risk
  • Controlling Risk
  • Personal Protective Equipment selection
  • Evaluating Controls
  • Sorbents and cleanup materials
  • Containment materials and strategies
  • 8 safe and practical steps for spill response
  • How to properly dispose of spent spill materials

Includes Identification of all:

  • Sources of Spill
  • Pathway it will take
  • Receptors of spill

Our Instructors

  • Accredited for Environmental Audits & Training from Singapore
  • Have conducted this training in more than 5 countries
  • Have prepared spill response plans and conducted drills Internationally

OSALP International