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Crisis Management




Training Price

PKR 36000

Upcoming Session

15-16 Mar 2024


2 Days



Included Practical Coaching & Exercises On Media Response

Included Effective Coaching In Dealing With Social Media Storms

Organizations today are faced with evolving and diverse forms of crises that can quickly escalate because of advancements in technology, the global economy, and the reach of the global and social media. In our fast-paced world, leaders and other individuals can be reactive as they strive to keep up with internal and external demands and pressures. During a crisis situation, they feel that they are no longer in control and the strings are in someone else's hand.

Detailed Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Crisis Explained
  • Stages of Crisis
  • Steps in Managing the Crisis
  • Crisis Management Team
  • Crisis Management Centre
  • The Media Response
  • Press and Television Interview
  • Spokes Person Training
  • The Social Media - Special Module
  • Monitoring the Media
  • Media Simulation Drill and Practicals with cameras, mics and speakers
Training Brochure

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