These are some of the jobs that we completed in 2011. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History.

Corporate Experience OSALP 2011:

Training of Trainers in Qatar

OSALP successfully conducted Train the Trainer course in Qatar. There were 8 participants and all of them qualified as trainers. The training subject was behavior based safety. The trainers were trained in observation and intervention techniques so that they would be able to train their staff members later on.

OSALP also conducted another session for employees who would act as safety coaches and would assist further employees practically on the job.

Decision Making Workshops for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited

OSALP successfully carried out Decision Making workshop for Senior Managers of the PTCL. The course instructor was rated as one of the best instructors. The course was built specifically for PTCL on Seven Steps of Effective Decision Making.

Confined Space and Hot Works Training for Pakistan Tobacco Company

OSALP conducted a detailed and comprehensive course on Confined Space Entry Training. The course was also designed by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of PTC. The course not only defined the hazards of the confined space but also included techniques to effectively manage and entry into the confined space. Several workshops among the participants ensured their involvement and understating of the concept.

Tetra Pak Food Handlers Training

OSALP designed a special training package for the food handlers. They were made able to spot hazards in the kitchen during a special exercise as well as explained about the requirement to become a food handler.

Tetra Pak Kitchen Hygiene Audit

OSALP carried out the audit to ensure that the risks of food borne diseases is evaluated, controlled and mitigated. The audit scope included Kitchen Personnel, Kitchen Area, Hygiene Facilities, Storage, Dining Area, Laundry, Food Preparation and Display.

Tower Climbing and Fall Protection (Working at Height Safety)

OSALP carried out this training for Relacom. The training included lots of exercises including Risk Assessment prior to climb, physical health assessment, PPE inspection and correctly wearing the full body harness. The training also focused on some of the excellent ergonomics positions and control the climber must use to prevent a fall.

Ergonomics Training in UAE

OSALP trained 120 employees of Smith International and Dyna Drilling in UAE.

Defensive Driving Course for Pakistan Petroleum Limited

OSALP trained 20 drivers of PPL in Adhi field. The training consisted of Theory as well as practical sessions knows as the Commentary Drive.

11 Days of Extensive Training for Schlumberger in Saudi Arabia

Conducted Train the Trainer courses, Behavioural Safety Courses as well as Assessment of HSE staff.

Crises Management Training and Drill for Total Parco Lahore

OSALP conducted this session for the Emergency Response and Crises Management team comprising of Senior Management of Total Parco. The training was conducted to give a refresher to the team about the way crisis should be managed as well as the practical aspect of the drill.

Fire Fighting Training for PepsiCo

PepsiCo employees and ERT were trained in Fire Fighting training course. A detailed course curriculum was followed to ensure the team knows the details about fighting fires. Later on a practical drill was carried to ensure that the teams are prepared for an unforeseen situation.

Crises Management Training and Drill for Total Atlas Lubricants

This training was highly interactive with testing of all available resources of TALP to ensure that they are available in case of emergency.

MOL Site Response Training

OSALP conducted a field Site Response Training for MOL Pakistan. The drill was named as PANIC DRILL because it tested all the major emergencies that MOL could encounter in near future. The drill consisted of fire fighting at 2 places, First Aid, as well as Security drill including intrusion of people in the plant.

BHPB Spill Control Document

OSALP formulated a thorough Spill Control and Response document for BHPB pipeline project. The documents included visits to the site to carry out risk assessment and control measures.

Wartsila Training

OSALP carried out extensive 2 day training for the engineers of Wartsila. More than 12 modules related to HSE were covered, with very good feedback from the client.

PPL Sui Vehicle Incident Investigation

OSALP carried out Accident Investigation 2 day program for PPL. The training included practical investigation skills based on DNV loss causation Model. The practical included a car crash that participants had to investigate real time.