OSALP International

These are some of the jobs that we completed in 2008. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History.

OSALP 2008:

Defensive Driving course in uganda for Tullow

OSALP carried out this course in Uganda at Kampala and field location of Tullow Oil. The HSE managers of Tullow were also present in the course and regarded the course as extremely useful.

First Aid Sessions for Telenor Pakistan

OSALP carried out these sessions at various locations of Telenor in Pakistan. The course included the CPR techniques practiced on the proper CPR manikin for hands on experience.

Fire Fighting Session for Telenor Pakistan

Various sessions of these courses were conducted by OSALP and were highly appreciated by the participants.

Defensive Driving Course for Weatherford

OSALP carried out this course in Islamabad. The course was attended by Weatherford drivers and HSE manager as well. The feedback of the course was “A” rated.

First Aid Trainings for a Major Power Plant of Pakistan

OSALP carried out specialized and custom made first aid course for this esteemed client. The course was conducted by senior management of the plant as well. OSALP carried out this course according to the latest guidelines of the First Aid techniques and CPR.

HSE Videos for a Major Oil Company in Pakistan

OSALP made specific HSE videos for a major oil and gas customer in Pakistan. The videos were done for office as well as gas plants. The purpose of the video was to align the new comers to the site in the shortest possible time and with better efficiency.

Working at Height Training for Shell Pakistan

OSALP carried out customized Working at Height training for different retail locations of Shell Pakistan. The training included different ways of Working at Height including Scaffolding Safety.

First Aid Training for Premier Oil Pakistan

OSALP carried out First Aid training for Premier Oil in Islamabad. The session was highly appreciated by the participants and OSALP used the latest techniques of audio-visual equipment and DVD’s for training the participants.

Train the Trainer Program for CARE Foundation

OSALP carried out TTT program for CARE foundation in Lahore. The Program was very intensive and was aimed at developing teachers into trainers that can later on conduct training for their own staff.

Train the trainer Injury prevention Course in Qatar

OSALP was contracted to run courses in Qatar for a major oil service company. The course focused on the aspects of Behavior Based Safety as well and its application in the most practical way in the workplace.

QHSE for Supervisors Course in Saudi Arabia

OSALP carried out an extensive QHSE for Supervisors course in Saudi Arabia. The course was attended by different nationalities from around the world. The course was aimed in developing HSE skills that supervisors need in order to complete their work accident free. The course also let the participants have discussions and find solutions to problems.

Injury Prevention Course for Chevron Bangladesh

OSALP carried out Injury prevention course for Chevron Bangladesh. Chevron Asia region’s HSE Manager was also present and regarded the course as an excellent one. 18 participants were in the course along with major oil and gas service companies other than Chevron participants.

Working on Towers Training for Relacom Pakistan

OSALP carried out Working at Height trainings specially designed for towers. The course was conducted at different locations. The course was designed to train people to avoid injury while working at the communication towers in Pakistan. Several new preventive techniques were included in the program including the correct way of wearing the full body safety harness.

Behavior Based Safety training for SIEMENS Pakistan

OSALP designed a course to address the behavior aspect of people on the job for Siemens Pakistan. The course focused on the fact that accidents would never occur if the first persons who sees an unsafe job. The course also included special intervention techniques and practices for the candidates. The formal way of intervening with people once unsafe jobs are observed is the key to preventing accidents in the companies and at home as well.

Women Safety and Security training for Telenor

OSALP lady trainer conducted this specialized course for Telenor at different locations in Pakistan. The course went as a great success with many call centers and working women participated in the course.

Defensive Driving Course for Cairn Bangladesh

OSALP carried out the Defensive Driving Course for Cairn Energy Bangladesh. The course was conducted in the field as well at the Dhaka office of the Cairn Energy. The course was carried out with respect to the road and traffic situation in Bangladesh and the related commentary drives for the participants were also tailored made to suit the need of the client.

HSE Leadership Course for Shclumberger KUWAIT

OSALP was contracted to run different HSE leadership courses for Shclumberger OFS Kuwait. The course was attended by future managers of Schlumberger. The objective of the course was to prepare the engineers for HSE leadership role as they take on more job responsibilities. The participants were made to work together and their nationalities and segments were mixed in teams to have more diversified groups. The course also included practical ways to audit and inspect properly any site they visit. There was also a module on accident investigation and a corresponding importance of accountability for managers and employees in their jobs with respect to HSE.

Defensive Driving Course for MOL Pakistan

OSALP carried out the course at the field site of MOL Pakistan. The course duration was 2 days and it included all the aspects of driving on the field sites with respect to Pakistan. The course and trainers were rated high by the participants. The course included 4 practical sessions where the participants were given hands-on instruction on preventing crashes before they actually occur. The course commentary drive was also spit into two modules. One module was the skill assessment as a driver and the other module was the skill assessment as a safe driver with respect to the course.

Safety Preventive Measures Course in Kish

OSALP carried out this course for the HSE trainers in Kish island of Iran. The aim of the course was to train the trainers so that they can also carry out this course in their respective companies. The course also included several assessment and feedback sessions for the participants to become better trainers. The trainers were specially trained in the presentation and human adults learning styles techniques. There was a final assessment on the 5th day of the course to give future recommendation to improve on the training for the participants.

Accident Investigation in Bangladesh

OSALP carried out a complete and thorough accident investigation in Bangladesh for one of its prestigious clients. The injury was investigated in detail on the site and the corresponding Systematic Cause Analysis Technique (SCAT) module was given back to the client along with the future recommendations to prevent the accident from happening again in the future again. Later on OSALP also carried out the custom made course for the client as part of the recommendation.