These are some of the jobs that we completed in 2007. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History.

OSALP 2007:

HSE Seminar in Thailand

OSALP carried out HSE seminar in Thailand. The seminar was conducted for all the HSE staff of a certain company from around the Middle East. There were about 22 HSE managers present as participants.

Pakistan Tobacco Company Emergency Response Plans

OSALP designed and formulated different ERP scenarios for Pakistan Tobacco Company.  The ERP consisted of Fire, Flood, Chemical Storage and Medical.

Safety and Security Sessions for Telenor Pakistan

OSALP carried out Safety and Security sessions for Telenor Pakistan. These sessions were aimed at providing the awareness regarding the growing incidents of safety and security and how to prevent oneself at work, home and at leisure.

Injury Prevention Training for Schlumberger Pakistan

OSALP carried out Injury prevention training for Schlumberger Pakistan. There were 8 trainers in the sessions and OSALP trained them as trainers for Injury prevention. The course took 5 days with hectic feedback session for the participants to come up to a level of being competent.

QHSE for Engineers in Kuwait

OSALP carried out QHSE for engineer’s course in Kuwait for three days. There were 18 participants in the course and the purpose of the course was to train engineers to later on take the HSE leadership role n their jobs as they become line managers late on. This course ended with excellent feedback from the participants from 10 different countries around the world.

OSALP carried out HAZID workshop for OMV for their Sawn Gas Plant

OSALP was hired by OMV to conduct HAZID of their two future well works. OSALP went through the whole exercise by going in detail with the participants about the hazards and risk that can be encountered in the coming project.

Assessment of Trainers in Qatar

OSALP was contracted to carry out a job to assess the current level of trainers working for oil and gas clients in Qatar for a major oil service company. The trainers were assessed for the complete cycle of training that they were imparting.

HSE for Rig Managers in Oman

OSALP carried out a specialized HSE leadership course for the Rig Management working for PDO. The participants included Rig Superintendents, Tool pushers, Drillers, Chief Mechanics, Chief Electrician and various Safety Officers.

Workplace Safety Course for British Petroleum

OSALP was contracted to carry out Workplace Safety improvement course for British Petroleum Pakistan. The aim of the series of course was to train employees and contractors in injury prevention and specialized body prevention techniques. The training was imparted to contractors as well as catering staff.

Safety and Security Sessions for Telenor Pakistan

OSALP carried out Safety and Security session for Telenor Pakistan in Karachi. The participants learned the basics of how to carry out their work safely as well as to prevent them from the personal security related incidents. The training was attended by 50 participants and the feedback of the session was excellent.

Defensive Driving Course and Road Hazard Assessment for OMV Pakistan

OSALP carried out Defensive Driving Course and Road Hazard Assessment for OMV. The Defensive Driving Course consisted of the specialized “Five Seeing Habits” techniques, Correct Driving postures, Eye Tests and was followed by the Practical Commentary Driving Assessment.

Workplace Safety Program for British Petroleum Pakistan

OSALP carried out specialized safety program for British petroleum. The program was aimed at reducing injuries and promoting safe practices within the workplace. Various numbers of sessions are being conducted to cover the exposed population related to injuries.

HSE for Supervisors Course in Iran

OSALP carried out HSE course deigned to include supervisor in the HSE process. The supervisors were trained in Hazard Analysis techniques and were made to realize the importance of their job as a pivot between management and employees. The feedback from the course was exceptionally outstanding.

Ergonomics Train the trainer Course in Saudi Arabia

OSALP was contracted to carry out a series of Ergonomics related course in Saudia for ARAMCO subcontractors. The course was designed on the knowledge gleaned from Martial Arts, Kinesiology and from Personal Experiences.

First Aid with CPR Techniques for Telenor

OSALP carried out a series of First Aid courses for Telenor at different locations in Pakistan.

Accident Investigation and Hazardous Works Training for Pakistan Tobacco Company

OSALP carried out the above mentioned training for PTC. The purpose of the course was not only to train employees but also extend the knowledge to contractors working for PTC.

Commentary Task Coaches Training for Schlumberger in Qatar

OSALP carried out in-house specialized coaches training for Schlumberger Qatar. The aim of the course was to train selected participants to act as coaches to carry out observation and intervention practices with the rest of the workforce

Maintenance Safety Training for PPEPCA

OSALP carried out maintenance safety course for PPEPCA. The participants included came from several oil and gas companies from Pakistan.

Defensive Driving Course for OMV

OSALP carried out Defensive Divining course and practical Commentary Drive for OMV drivers in Islamabad. The course went on for 2 days with the inclusion of practical assessment of the defensive driving skills of the participants.

First Aid for Total Parco

OSALP carried out First aid sessions for Total Parco in Pakistan. The course feedback was very positive and it assisted in participants learning all the essential first aid techniques.

Defensive Driving Train The Trainer Course for Tullow Bangladesh 

OSALP carried out TTT DDC in Bangladesh for Tullow. The course was carried out on one of the fields in the interior of Bangladesh and was highly appreciated by the course participants.

Sets of HSE Course for SHV Pakistan

OSALP carried out different sets of HSE course for SHV Pakistan. The courses were conducted in Islamabad and Lahore. The courses included specialized fire fighting and risk assessment for SHV Pakistan.

Emergency Response Plans for MOL Pakistan

OSALP designed and tested a complete ERP manual for MOL Pakistan. The ERP covered fields as well as office locations. Later on, practical drills were conducted to test the plan and made any modification in the processes and procedures.

HSE Managers Course for Pakistan Petroleum Limited

OSALP carried out this course in Karachi for Senior Managers of PPL. The course was aimed at highlighting importance of Management Commitment towards HSE and was highly appreciated by the PPL management.