OSALP International

These are some of the jobs that we completed in 2004. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History.

OSALP 2004:

Pakistan Tobacco Company

OSALP carried out an HSE Management System lecture for Pakistan Tobacco Company in Islamabad.

Defensive Driving Course in Dubai

OSALP carried out Defensive Driving Course for a multinational client in Dubai. The delegates and participants were from different nationalities around the world. OSALP was highly regarded for the thorough and well organized course. The course was conducted by 4 trainers.

HSE Project Management – Islamabad

OSALP International was given the HSE Project Management for a base construction in Islamabad for 5 months. OSALP managed the project with zero loss time injuries and no time loss. OSALP set the HSE Management System in place, trained contractors and also suggested and implemented a cost effective reward and recognition system for timely performance.

Defensive Driving Course in ABU DHABI

OSALP International carried out Driving Training course for Driving Training International in Abu Dhabi. The course also consisted of practical commentary drive for the participants coming from all around the world. The engineers were trained for UAE traffic laws requirements as well as given special training for skill assessment before being asked to drive a motor vehicle in UAE

New Employee Safety Training in Kuala Lumpur

OSALP carried out New Employee Safety Training and Risk Management training for a local client in Kuala Lumpur. The New Employee Safety Training consisted of 8 sets of trainings that were given to around 40 people of different nationalities.

1 week HSE Training for Schlumberger in Dubai

OSALP carried out I week Intensive HSE training for Schlumberger Oilfield Services in Dubai.

3 Months OHSAS Diploma Course for NUST Consulting

OSALP carried out 3 months OHSAS diploma course for National University of Science and Technology in Rawalpindi. The OSALP trainer was ranked as one of the best in the lot by the participants.

Defensive Driving for OMV in Pakistan

OSALP carried out Defensive Driving Course for OMV in Pakistan. The course consisted of theoretical session, journey management, driving postures, pre-trip inspection and practical commentary drive.

Ergonomics Train the Trainer Course for Schlumberger in Pakistan

OSALP carried out Ergonomics Train the Trainer 5-days intensive course for Schlumberger in Pakistan. The objective of the course was to train the trainers in stepping, handling and lifting techniques so that the trainers can run internal trainings on their own. OSALP ensured that even the participants with no backgrounds in presenting and training come up to a level where they can stand in front of the crowd and carry and deliver an excellent training course.

Defensive Driving for Tullow Oil – Pakistan

OSALP carried out Defensive Driving Course for Office staff of Tullow Oil Company in Islamabad – Pakistan.

Noise training Package for Worldwide Operations

Improved and redesignd Noise Training Package for a multinational Company for their worldwide operations. The package is still being used in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Defensive Driving Specialized Training for Tullow Oil Pakistan Field Operations

OSALP carried out Defensive Driving Course for Tullow Oil Company for their field staff at the Sara Suri Field. The training included off road and skid driving techniques as well. The drivers were made to realize the importance of their alertness and attentiveness during driving and the concept of 5 seeing habits

Quality Management Training in Malaysia

OSALP International carried out “Quality is My Responsibility” for a local client in Malaysia. The training was conducted on a beach resort and went on for one week to cover maximum number of employees. The training was recognized as one of the best that the employees had participated in.

Environmental Audit in Malaysia

OSALP carried out Environmental audit of a petro-lab in Malaysia. Though the lab was supposed to be in a very good condition with lots of controls the result was quite different as there were major lapses that were found that the lab was not adhering to with respect to local Malaysian government laws.

HSE Audit of Local Transport Company in Malaysia

OSALP International carried out the HSE audit for a local transport company ‘Mayflower’ in Malaysia for one of its prestigious clients. The audit was in detail and looked into the system the contractor was using to send vehicles for OSALP client. It was discovered that many of the drivers were using mobile phones while driving and the vehicle driving monitors in many of the vehicles were either not working or never downloaded for results. OSALP gave a compact practical plan for the contractor to assist them in bringing their driving management system up to speed and at the acceptable level of OSALP client.

Fleet Management Training in Malaysia

Carried out Fleet Management and driving training for a multinational company in Malaysia.