These are some of the jobs that we completed in 2003. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History.

OSALP 2003:

Daewoo Express Defensive Driving

OSALP International carried out Defensive Driving Course for 45 drivers of Daewoo Express Bus Service Pakistan. The drivers were given specialized training in Urdu. The drivers were trained in developing seeing habits related to the vehicles they were driving.

NDC Islamabad HSE Training

OSALP carried out Grounds for HSE/Introduction to HSE for the staff of NDC Islamabad.

Snake Bite Prevention

OSALP formulated Snake Bite incident prevention checklist for an oil service company in Pakistan. This was due to the increase in snake sightings at the locations and also because of the incidents that had occurred in the past. Moreover, OSALP formulated a complete training package for the snake bite prevention. This package included fence control, fumigation control, lights control, medical response, personal protective equipment guidelines and a training presentation for the staff.

Lead Investigator in Pakistan

OSALP International acted as a Lead Investigator for different accidents for a multinational company in Pakistan. The accidents were related to stepping, handling and lifting Injuries, auto accidents, fire Incidents, and fall from height etc. OSALP also formulated the reports and the corresponding remedial work plan for the accidents.

OSALP as HSE representative in Pakistan Oil Show

During the oil show in Pakistan, OSALP carried out safety talks for the visitors coming to the show. OSALP also set up the LCD’s and the projectors to show different safety related videos and the importance of having an HSE Management System in place.

Quality Management Seminar

OSALP carried out Quality management seminar for Anadrill Pakistan. The objective of the course was to introduce and support the Quality initiative in Anadrill. OSALP gave its services and sustained the effort for its client for many years.

HSE Management System Audit

OSALP carried out HSE MS audit of a local client in Sukkhur. OSALP used the 28 elements of the Management System and used the latest auditing techniques to deliver its services. The purpose of the audit was to improve the HSE Management System for the client and to identify areas for improvement.

HSE Transporters Audit

OSALP carried out HSE transporters audit across Pakistan for many transportation contractors. The need was to identify transporters that had the adequate HSE system in place to come at the minimum HSE standard set by the client. These transporters were used by the clients for moving goods and operational equipment across Pakistan.

People Skills Course ABU DHABI

OSALP International participated in Peoples Skills courses in Abu Dhabi. The course duration was 5 days and the OSALP trainer played an active role in the sessions.

Quality Leader, Facilitator and Consultant

OSALP International was given the role of the quality leader and facilitator to carry out process improvement in the supply chain department of a multinational company in Pakistan for a period of six months.

Risk identification and Reporting Seminar for Schlumberger

OSALP carried out Risk Identification Reporting seminar for Schlumberger Pakistan. OSALP used client specific forms and training packages, but delivered in their own way and received appreciation.

Security Audits in Pakistan

OSALP carried out Safety and Security audits for a drilling contractor for its remote operations in Pakistan. The audit objective was for both HSE and security.

Accident Investigation Seminar in Saudia

OSALP carried out Accident Investigation for a multinational oil company in Saudi Arabia.

Environmental Audit in Malaysia

OSALP carried out Environmental audit for a multinational client in the Kemaman province of Malaysia supporting the offshore operations. The idea was to go through all the documentation that the client had set up including the client’s “Site Environmental History File”. OSALP gave many recommendations for improvement in the documentation.

WTO and HSE Effects

OSALP carried out WTO and its effect on the Pakistan Industry with response to health, safety and environment. The seminar was organized by Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI). OSALP was highly appreciated for the style, information and professionalism.

Defensive Driving Course in Malaysia

Carried out Defensive Driving Course, circadian rhythm training, journey management and practical commentary drive for a multinational company in Kuala Lumpur.