These are some of the jobs that we completed in 2002. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History.

OSALP 2002 :

QHSE Audits for Western Atlas

OSALP International audited seismic crews of WesternGeco and Western Atlas. The crew comprised of 1200 persons. It took 4 days for 4 auditors to cover the crew and compile the results. The audit was highly interactive with the auditors going and meeting filtered layers of different levels of management. Laborers were also interviewed, including suppliers and contractors. The client regarded the audit as one of the best in its history of operation. The reason for the recognition was that the OSALP auditors aimed the audit in not only identifying the current status of compliance to HSE but also assisted the client in identifying situations and problems that the client might come across in future. All areas where the client could incur loss (Personal, Information, Security, Asset, Auto and Repute) were identified and given back to the client.

Reward and Recognition Scheme

OSALP recommended a reward and recognition scheme for a multinational client in Pakistan for their operations. The aim was to not only recommend the scheme but to evaluate what actually works for that client and what people wanted. The factors of what works for a Pakistani labor were also considered.

HSE Alerts

OSALP International issued HSE alerts on all of the serious injuries for an oil and gas company in Pakistan. OSALP made those alerts by taking into account what exactly happened, relevant pictures, recreating the scenario and mentioning what could have prevented the accident. OSALP also included the main corrective action items in the alert and then circulated it to 1200 people. The result was that everyone in the organization knew what had happened and was also cautious in their work.

Social Project for Girls College in islamabad

OSALP contributed in setting up Islamabad F-7 Girls College with a basic computer lab as a good will gesture.

Sets of HSE training in Pakistan

OSALP carried out Defensive Driving course, First Aid training and Emergency Response training for a multinational client in Pakistan.

Drilling Rigs HSE Audits

OSALP audited 2 rigs for HSE systems in Pakistan for a drilling contractor. The results of the audits were briefed to the rig management before the audit team left the rig site. Later on OSALP also monitored the action items from the report through to closure.

11 sets of HSE Minimum Training

OSALP Carried out yearly HSE minimum training program for Schlumberger. 11 sets of HSE trainings were conducted for almost 700 people. OSALP also issued HSE passports for the client where the trainings were recorded with all the relevant details. The results were seen in the year later on since the number of accidents reduced to an all time low. OSALP was then given the task to keep on training the new employees as they were hired. OSALP was training all the new hire even before they were posted on the jobs. These trainings were covered in 5 days for a group of 40-50 people.

Sales and Marketing Training in Houston – USA

OSALP participated in running a one-week sales and marketing training in Houston.

Quality Management Training

OSALP carried out Quality Management Training and “Excellence through Teamwork” for a local client in Pakistan. The basic quality management training was aimed at ensuring that all of the participants understand their role in delivering quality to their customers. They were made aware that all the employees are like links in the chain and they all have a role to play in making their company achieve its objectives.

Once the participants were trained in level 1 course, they were later trained in the level 2 course as well.

The highly interactive course made the participants realize that without team work, the jobs would become extremely difficult. They were also trained in communication skills that can be used during team work. The participants were given yearly SMART objectives to ensure that the training remains at the forefront of their work and then becomes second nature.

Quality improvement Plans

OSALP developed Quality Improvements Plans and assisted in initiating a quality drive in the client’s company.  With the improved processes and employees’ actual involvement, the client was able to reduce costs and get a considerable amount of financial gain.

Contractor Management Training

It’s a difficult task to manage contractors. OSALP carried out this course for a prestigious client in Pakistan for its team who were responsible to ensure compliance from contractors. The whole process of the contractor management was presented. Client was presented with the best practices, checklists, forms and was also given a special package named “starter package for contractors”. This was the package that was supposed to be given to the contractor for them to make their own management system. The whole package was highly regarded by our client and various other clients also used it from us.

Accident Investigation Training and Procedure

OSALP carried out Accident Investigation training for a local client in Pakistan. The client was extremely satisfied with the results of the training and therefore OSALP was asked to develop accident investigation procedures for the client as well.

Working of HSE Teams

OSALP carried out “Working of HSE Teams” training for 5 days for a local client in Pakistan.

Mobile Crane Training

OSALP carried out mobile crane training and then was also asked to carry out a Defensive Driving Course for a multinational client in Pakistan.