These are some of the jobs that we completed in 2001. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History.

OSALP 2001:

Environmental Audits in Singapore

OSALP International carried out “Environmental Audits” for Reda Pumps in Singapore. OSALP carried out the audits in accordance with Reda’s own system. The purpose of the audit was to identify gaps where Reda can further improve to comply with its own procedures and with the local laws and regulations.

Environment Management System Course in Oman

OSALP Carried out “Environment Management System” course in Oman for an oil service company working as a contractor for PDO. The audience was middle manager and supervisors who were responsible for ensuring compliance in the locations they were responsible for.

Loss Prevention Leaders Course in Oman

OSALP carried out 3 days “Loss Prevention Team Leaders” course in Oman. The course was aimed at preparing engineers and supervisors to take on the team role of HSE executive. These teams were doing other jobs but were also responsible for ensuring HSE compliance in their operation. The objective of the client was to target the fact that everyone is responsible for HSE and not just the HSE advisor or manager.

HSE Audits in Pakistan for OIL Company

OSALP audited various operations regarding HSE for an oil company in Pakistan. The audits were conducted at the field level as well as in the office. OSALP then rated the locations based on the extensive interviews with the managers and staff, checklists, documentation reviews and effectiveness of the implementation of the HSE management system.

Defensive Driving for Shell -PDO in Oman

OSALP carried out “Defensive Driving Courses” for Shell/PDO in Oman. PDO’s main HS team was invited and they approved of the course that OSALP conducted for them.

Personal Security Training Package

OSALP designed and formulated “Personal Security Presentation” for an oil company in U.K. with its world-wide operations. The package was given to all the operations of the company worldwide and OSALP was highly appreciated for making an interactive and effective package.

Ergonomics Train the Trainer Certification Course in Dubai

OSALP participated in conducting “Train the Trainer” course for Ergonomics in Dubai. The purpose was to make trainers who can then go and train their company employees as required. OSALP was then responsible to assess the trainers in their actual trainings in their respective locations.

HSE Audits in Oman

OSALP carried out “HSE Management System” audit in Fahud and Marmul for an Oil Service Company in Oman.


OSALP Coordinated with PDO – Shell in Oman for conducting safe operations for well sites projects.

Accident Investigation in Pakistan

OSALP was a lead investigator for the HSE investigations of an Auto-Accident/Rollover for a client in Pakistan. The investigation was done in detail. After the application of Loss Causation Model and finding the root cause, OSALP formulated an alert and corresponding presentation for employees of the companies and rest of the locations to learn from the accident.

HSE Management System Seminar in Pakistan

OSALP carried out HSE Management System Seminar in Pakistan for Schlumberger in Islamabad.

New Facility HSE Recommendations and Reviews

OSALP carried out “New Facility HSE Audits” for Wireline and Testing Company and recommended procedures for new facility design. All the designs that were given had included the HSE aspect built into it.

Security Manual for Pakistan Operations

OSALP designed a complete and thorough “Security Manual” for a client in Pakistan. The manual took 4 months to complete and had catered for almost all of the security situations that might arise from time to time for the client’s respective operations.

Evacuation Drills

OSALP carried out cross-country evacuation drill for a multinational company in Pakistan. The feedback was given to the client for where improvements could be made.