These are some of the jobs that we completed in 2000. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History

OSALP 2000:

One week of HSE trainings for Technicians in Dubai

OSALP International conducted one week of basic HSE Training for oil and gas companies’ technicians in Dubai. The course included many modules including Risk Assessment, Personal Protective Equipment, First Aid, Fire Fighting, SIMOPS and Risk Hazard Reporting. The course was rated very high by all participants.

Quality Management Seminar in Dubai

OSALP International conducted one day seminar on Quality Management. The idea was to highlight the fact that quality starts from individuals and that everyone is responsible for delivering quality to their contractors whether internal or external.

HSE Management System Training in Libya

OSALP International conducted 3 days of sessions for HSE Management System course in Libya. The course was attended by the senior management of the oil company and focused on how to have sustaining HSE performance in their day to day operations.

Safety Inspections for Reda Pumps

OSALP International conducted Safety inspections and audits for different workshops in Ras-Al-Khiamah for Reda Pumps.

Defensive Driving Training for Reda Pumps

OSALP International carried out sessions of Defensive Driving Course for Reda Pumps in UAE. A remarkable decrease in driving accidents was achieved.

90 Days of HSE training

OSALP International carried out 90 days of quality, health, safety and environment training for Schlumberger across the entire UAE. The trainers were travelling from country to country and from location to location to cover all the identified employees for training and was maintaining the data base of the trained employees as well.

Driving Improvement Audits

OSALP International carried out driving improvement audits for a multinational client in UAE.  The purpose was not only to evaluate the driving skills of the drivers but also to look at the journey management, vehicles’ condition and the driving management system that was being used in our clients company.

Team Effectiveness Audits

OSALP carried out team’s effectiveness audits for a local client in UAE.  The purpose was to see the collaboration between different teams working at the management levels

1.5 Months of Safety Audits and Inspections

OSALP International spent 1.5 months in carrying out HSE Audits and Inspections for Schlumberger and Reda pumps. The audits and inspections were followed up by reports consisting of practical action items. The need for engineering design, training requirement and documentation support was also evaluated.

Noise Training Package for Worldwide Operation

OSALP designed, formulated, and implemented Noise Training Package for a multinational client for its worldwide operation. The package was sent in more than 100 countries across the globe and was accepted as the official package of the company.

RATLS Course in Jebel Ali

OSALP International participated in “Remote Area Trauma Life Support Training” in Jebel Ali Port Zone in Dubai, UAE.  This was a high level first aid course required in remote locations. The idea was to train participants in a way that enabled them to handle patients in the time it took to reach the nearest hospital. Videos were taken while participants were attending to patients to show their response towards the casualty.

Injury Prevention and Defensive Driving Course

OSALP carried out “Defensive Driving” and “Injury Prevention “training for Dowell in Jebel Ali UAE. The defensive driving program was to train new and experienced drivers in new defensive driving skills and the injury prevention course was aimed at reducing back and musculoskeletal problems in employees to improve their effectiveness and quality of work at the site.

HSE Audits and Reviews for OIES

OSALP International carried out HSE Audits and Trainings for OIES in Jebel Ali UAE. OIES is a location that is used as a ware house by many companies in Dubai.

Personal security Standard

OSALP International formulated “Personal Security Standard” for a multi-national company for its worldwide operations in UAE. The standard was compiled by OSALP along with teams from 5 different countries.

HSE Management System Seminar in Egypt

OSALP was given a job in Cairo – Egypt to carry out senior management training in HSE. The aim was to carry out the training accordingly to a Management System and was rated very high by 23 participants from 10 different countries.