These are some of the jobs that we completed in 1999. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History.

OSALP 1999:

Quality for Teamwork Seminar in United Kingdom

OSALP International participated in the seminar named “Quality for Teamwork” in United Kingdom for a multinational company. The seminar lasted for 5 days and was conducted as the trial seminar. The feedback and the results were so effective that later on the seminar was conducted for all the middle and senior managers of our client worldwide.

1 week of HSE trainings for Engineers in Dubai

OSALP International conducted one week of HSE trainings for field engineers for Schlumberger in Dubai. This training was carried out in order to prepare the engineers for their respective jobs before being sent to their locations. The engineers comprised of 14 different nationalities.

Dubai World Trade Centre HSE Audit

OSALP International carried out an HSE Audit in Dubai World Trade Centre. The purpose of the audit was to identify gaps in the Emergency Response System. This included Fire, Medical, Security and Evacuation processes. Several recommendations were made which were given to the Trade Centre authorities. It was realized that it would take 35 minutes in order to evacuate from the 31st floor of the building down to the ground level as everyone else would be evacuating as well.

Dubai World Trade Centre then changed their procedure to include recommendations on removal of heels for ladies while evacuating as well as shoots for the higher floors.

OSALP and Reda Pumps Evacuation Drills

OSALP carried out evacuation drills for Reda Pumps staff and gave feedback on areas of improvement. The drills were all carried out keeping in mind the practical aspect of the operations and later on was closed with a feedback session for all the members of the Emergency Response Team.

Performance Improvement Seminar for Schlumberger

OSALP International carried out “Quality Is My Responsibility” training for Schlumberger in Dubai. There were a total of 40 participants who had come from various countries. The course was regarded as one of the best experiences of the participants in their professional career. The results were far reaching as many of the engineers were to become managers and that was the point where OSALP managed to inculcate the right way of doing things in the personalities of the engineers.

Defensive Driving Train the Trainer Program

OSALP International carried out a successful Defensive Driving TTT program in Dubai. On the theory side, the participants learned how to deliver presentations, handle questions and change some of the myths about safe driving. The practical part consisted of actually building skill in the participants to be a very good driver, evaluate other driver skills, carry out pre-trip checks and be able to give feedback. Later on these trainers trained more than 3000 drivers altogether in their respective jobs.

Desert Driving Train the Trainer course

Later on the successful drivers from the above course were given training on desert driving. The training again included theoretical part as well as hands on practical skills in the desert. The course was highly enjoyed as well as benefited by the participants. Around 2000 people were trained within the next few months by these Desert Driver Trainers.

Ergonomics Train the Trainer Program in Dubai

OSALP International carried out ergonomics Train the Trainer course in Dubai. The participants were made capable to train employees in bettering their manual handling skills and evaluating workshops and workstations. The result of the course was an overall decrease in 20% injuries in the participants’ respective companies.

Accident Tracking System

OSALP International made and implemented an Accident Tracking System for a multi-national company in UAE for its entire Middle East Operation. The project was the first of its kind and paved the way for even more advanced softwares to be used for tracking accidents.

Safety Campaigns

OSALP formalized a “Do It Safely” campaign for a local client in UAE. The campaign focused on some of the best practices in HSE. The campaign was shared among 30 countries in Middle and Far East. Later on the client adopted the campaign as a guideline for all the future campaigns and is still being actively conducted and used.

Leadership and Commitment Seminar for Dowell

OSALP International addressed a high-level management team about HSE for Dowell. The idea was to take a buy-in from the senior management of Dowell for ongoing HSE efforts in Dowell. The theme of the presentation was based on senior management’s personal commitment towards safety and their leadership involving the talk will have the most marked effects in safety performance of the overall companies as well as the employees.

Ergonomics Training for Spouses

OSALP International carried out “Injury Prevention” practical training for spouses of a multinational client in Dubai. The training was a great success as later on the demand of the training increased much more from spouses of the client company.

HSE Management Seminar in Egypt

OSALP International carried out an “HSE Management System” seminar for a local client in Cairo, Egypt. The seminar was for three days and it addressed the middle and senior managers. Workshops, practical exercises and hands-on skills were imparted to the participants. The course rating was 4.5 out of a total score of 5 brining success for OSALP and more courses from the same client.

Accident Investigation training in Abu-Dhabi

OSALP International carried out “Accident Investigation Training” for senior operation managers for a multinational client in Abu Dhabi. The course duration was one day. The course included practical techniques in order to identify as what actually happened in the first place during an accident, the art of taking pictures at the accident site, interviewing techniques and finally using the Loss Causation Model to recommend action items to prevent the recurrence of the accident in future.

Contractor and Supplier Management Standards for Schlumberger

OSALP International participated in making a contractor and supplier management standard for Schlumberger for its worldwide operations. The team consisted of 10 participants from 7 different countries. The standard was made in order to align the suppliers, contractors and service providers within Schlumberger expectations. The contactors were divided into 2 categories as high-risk and low-risk contractors. The standard was later approved by the senior management of our client and became the worldwide standard which still exist today.

Contractor and Supplier Management Training for Schlumberger

OSALP International designed training package in launching the contractor and supplier management standard for Schlumberger. The training was conducted in all areas of the world in Schlumberger operations. The training was very interactive and was appreciated and highly regarded by all participants.