These are some of the jobs that we completed in 1998. Due to confidentiality, the names of some of the clients and the jobs performed have not been mentioned in the Corporate History.

OSALP 1998:

IDEAS workshop in UAE with Bret Thompson and Associates (UK)

OSALP international participated in IDEAS workshop with Bret Thompson and Associates (UK) in Dubai. The main purpose of the workshop was to develop participant skills in problem solving and process improvement. The workshop was rated very high in evaluation from the participants which included nationalities from 10 different countries.

Quality Leaders Workshop with Bret Thompson and Associates (UK) in UAE

OSALP International participated in Quality leaders’ workshop with Bret Thompson and Associates (UK) in Dubai. The workshop was designed for supervisors and middle managers. The idea behind the workshop was to equip the participants with hand on skills needed daily in controlling quality of work in their respective departments. Participants were given team building and relevant quality leaders’ exercises. The participants also rated each other at the end of the 5th day which was part of the Quality leaders training in giving and receiving feedback.

Loss Prevention Team Leader in Dubai

This course was meant for the participants who are responsible to carry out HSE work as part of their normal job. The participants had come from 15 different countries from the Middle East and Far East.

Newcomers’ Orientation Booklet

OSALP International drafted a complete booklet for Newcomers’ orientation for a prestigious client in UAE. The booklet proved to be excellent resources for all the new comers and visitors. It also helped the expatriates to align themselves to the local UAE culture and diversities. This book is constantly being updated to reflect new changes and now has become a standard for many of our clients in various locations worldwide.

Driving in Fog Alert

Large numbers of accidents have been attributed to driving under low visibility conditions, and driving in fog is one of them as even extra lights cannot help much. Keeping that in mind, the alerts were very specific as well as technical and were circulated in many countries. This small alert made a big difference in assisting drivers to avoid accidents in fog.

Circadian Rhythms for Dubai Petroleum Company

Dubai Petroleum Company and many of its contractors were trained in 24 Hours Life Style training. The aim of this training specifically was to assist workers in maintaining alertness while at work. OSALP was highly appreciated by all the companies’ representatives sitting in the course. The training was regarded as unique and something that the participants did not know before.

HSE training for Dubai Quality Group

OSALP International participated in conducting HSE training for Dubai Quality Group. The aim of the training was to make participants aware of the driving hazards and focus on measures on how to reduce the risk of an accident for themselves and for their loved ones.

Quality and HSE Documentation and Record-keeping

OSALP International carried out a series of training courses related to Quality and HSE Documentation and Record-keeping for a local client in UAE.

HSE Managers Training

OSALP international participated in conducting presentations to the Middle East HSE managers for a multinational client in UAE. All the HSE managers presented their location and country strategy to reduce the number of accidents. OSALP’s role was to advise on the way forward.

HSE Startup Strategy for ADNOC

OSALP International conducted the HSE start-up presentation during the HSE week for supervisors for a multinational ADNOC in Abu Dhabi. The supervisors came from various countries around the Middle East. The idea was to complete the operations “accident free” as well as highlight supervisors’ importance in an accident prevention culture and as being the anchor point between management and the employees.

HSE Management System Audit for Schlumberger

OSALP International conducted HSE-MS audit on a remote facility for Schlumberger Wire line and Testing in Badin Pakistan. Schlumberger was providing services to British Petroleum Pakistan. The recommendations and the findings of the audit were highly recognized at both Schlumberger and BP level.

Accident Investigations Project

OSALP International carried out root cause analysis and accident investigation of 85 accidents for a multinational company. The accidents had occurred in all over Middle East. OSALP collected the data, gave it shape, found the root causes and gave practical recommendations to prevent those accidents in future. Later on, the data base was published on the website for all the different departments of the company to view and learn from each other’s experience.