OSALP International

OSALP has developed and conducted specific methods in Fleet Safety Analysis, Driver Safety Education and the implementation of Fleet Safety Management Systems. The goal of Fleet Safety Solutions is to make a meaningful and positive impact on the human and dollar costs associated with Fleet Driving Safety.

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Road and Driving Safety

We provide tailored organization-wide Occupational Driving Safety Solutions and practical policies and processes for Managers and Staff. We offer a driving Safety Management System that works and  contribute to a sustainable good driver Safety Management Practices.

Fleet Management Services

Driver & Transport Trainings

Vehicle/Land Transport Fitness Certificate

OSALP has been providing this services to various corporate sector. Our inspectors would inspect light and Heavy vehicles, either before or during the course of operation. The inspectors would inspect the vehicle both mechanically and safety wise. We have special checklist for each mode of Land Transport. This means you can rest assured that your transport complies with the international standard and is safe to be put in operation. We provide this services for mechanical lifting equipment as well