OSALP International

At OSALP we help a wide range of organisations with all aspects of their quality, health, safety, security and environment management.

We offer Management System Services in the following categories:

we can help you in:

Gap analysis

Gap analysis is your first step in implementing a formal management system and achieving certification any management system. It is a baseline evaluation of your current practices and performance, and identifies the main gaps against the requirements of the standard.

OSALP experts can carry out a gap analysis of your current management system and draft recommendations for improving your performance and meeting the requirements of the standard

Risk assessments

We can conduct a risk assessment of your activities, procedures and operations or review your existing risk assessments, using a paper-based or web-enabled methodology.

Based on the classification of work activities, identification of hazards and determination of risk associated with each hazard, we can help you to define appropriate and efficient risk control strategies and help you reduce the risks.

Pre-assessment and internal health and safety

Audits are a key tool in the certification process and ongoing management of health and safety. Our highly skilled and experienced auditors carry out pre-assessment audits for clients in advance of audits by certification bodies.

This provides a “sanity check” and helps to identify any issues your organisation needs to address prior to the certification audit.

We also assist organisations that do not have the internal resources or expertise to carry out their own audits and we help them to meet the internal health and safety audit requirements of OHSAS 18001.

The end benefit of our Management System Services result in:

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