OSALP International

 Working at Height, electrical safety & first aid with CPR conducted for ALKAN Oman

OSALP was awarded the contract to carry out above trainings and successfully trained more than 300 people for various contractors of Huawei in Oman. The feedback was excellent for the company.

New Employee Training for Schlumberger Saudi

OSALP trained newly hired employees for Schlumberger for one week in Saudi. The training included all the minimum required training for employees before being posted on the job in Schlumberger.

DEFENSIVE DRIVING Training for tetra Pak Pakistan

A defensive driving session was conducted for the client followed up with an eye test, vehicle inspection & then a practical commentary drive. The participants provided excellent feed back to the OSALP trainer for the effective training & the degree of professionalism used

Crisis Management Drill for Total Parco Pakistan

OSALP conducted a crisis drill simulation for our client. The drill focused not on the initial response but also tested team ability in releasing press briefs as well as in managing the media response. The participants included senior most managers of Total Parco Pakistan

DEFENSIVE Driving Project for COCA COLA BEVERAGES Pakistan Limited

OSALP was awarded the contract to complete Pakistan wide Defensive Driving training for CCBPL third party drivers and logistics contractors. A total of 600 drivers were covered in the training. OSALP also provided drivers defensive driving rating, graphs and data analysis to coke for further action.

Essential HSE trainings for Polish oil & gas

Various session of the subject training was conducted or POGC. This included office as well as at the field training. OSALP used latest training technologies I the training including latest DVD’s of training movies as well as group workshops and practical exercises

Behaviour BASED safety for PepsiCo international

A 2 days extensive training was conducted for PepsiCo Sundar estate Fritolays plant. The participants included observers, frontline supervisors and few contractors HSE staff. The participants also practiced live observation/Intervention with factory staff

Mann Diesel First Aid Session

A productive session as conducted for our client. The course included details coaching and practice on CPR and lifesaving skills.

H2S session for CNLC

H2S detailed turning was conducted for CNLC. The training included latest practices as well as confirmed to the training requirements of API RP 49, ANSI Z390.1, OPITO H2S (Course Code 9014), and other regulatory standards.

Working at HEIGHT and Confined Space TRAINING conducted for CBRE

 This training provided CBRE participants and contractors with the required skills and knowledge to safely recognize, evaluate and control hazards related to working at heights. It also coached participants in climbing techniques, proper selection of fall protection equipment and how to properly plan, set up rescue equipment, and rescue a victim through simulated drills.

The other module was being able to understand and operate gas testing meters for confined spaces as well as identify and eliminate the hazards related to confined spaces

1 week of extensive training for Pakistan Tobacco Company

Hazardous works training was conducted for PTC Pakistan. The modules included hot works, working at height, confined spaces and electrical safety.

Excellent feedback was received by OSALP from PTC

Emergency response Training for PepsiCo Hattar

Front line supervisors were trained by OSALP international. The trainings included responding to emergencies as well as drill related to fire emergency.

First Aid and Emergency response for Infrastructural development of Punjab

OSALP was awarded the contract to train a team of professionals who were assigned to deal with emergencies and lifesaving situations at various projects of IDAP. Excellent and positive feedback was observed by the participants

Ergonomics Survey and Study for Tetra Pak FACTORY Sundar Estate

A thorough and detailed survey was conducted for Tetra Pak. The study included current machines and practices, Ergonomics issues, manual handling as well as recommendations for improving the injuries related to muscular skeleton, back shoulders and joints.

First Aid and Fire Fighting Session for Kufpec Pakistan

OSALP was assigned to carry out various sessions of First Aid and Fire Fighting Sessions for Kufpec. The training was highly appreciated by the participants with very positive feedback

Forklift Safety and Technical training for PMPKL

Another session of Forklift training was conducted for the client. The course was based on 20% theory and 80% practical. The course included practical assessment of the operator as well as