OSALP International

Pakistan Tobacco Company Comprehensive Defensive Driving Courses (All-Over Pakistan)

OSALP International was given this complete project where all the training sessions were completed on time with excellent feedback OSALP International. OSALP used several of its full time defensive driving trainers to run the training in tandem

Total Parco – CRISIS management training and simulation drill

A high level training was designed and conducted by OSALP International for Total Parco Pakistan Limited. The training objective was to brief new members about the basics of crisis communication, crisis management and how to fulfil their role if the need arises. The drill was conducted later one and the purpose of the drill was to use it as an instrument to train, assess, practice, and improve performance in prevention, protection, response, and recovery capabilities of TPPL in a risk-free environment.

Pakistan Mint – Crisis and Disaster Management Training

OSALP International was contracted by Pakistan Mint Authority to conduct various sessions of Disaster Recovery for their top management. The training and scenarios were related to the types of crisis that could have occurred in Pakistan Mint. The training was highly appreciated by the team.

GASCO engineering – Behaviour Based training at Kadanwari Gas Plant

A highly specialized BBS training was conducted by OSALP for our esteemed client. This kind of BBS training has been conducted by OSALP international for many of their clients out of Pakistan. The BBS training was not only practical but had also include live simulation in which the participants were encouraged to practice the Observation Intervention techniques with the assistance of the OSALP trainer

ABB Pakistan – Defensive driving course

A detailed DDC program as run for ABB Pakistan, the participants included ABB top management. The program had 5 components including in-class theory, eye tests, vehicle inspection, driving ergonomics as well as practical commentary drive. OSALP trainer was evaluated and ranked at 98% satisfaction rate by the participants in terms of presentation as well as course value to the participants.

Descon – First Aid & Fire Fighting Session

A combined session of First Aid & Fire Fighting session was conducted by OSALP. Latest First Aid guidelines by American Heart Association was used as well as latest hybrid presentation techniques were used by OSALP.  Fire Fighting session was both practical as well as informative. The participants thoroughly learned from the course and gave excellent feedback for the trainer.

EGYPT – Accident Investigation Training

OSALP International was asked to conduct a detailed and thorough Accident Investigation course in Egypt. The course included latest Accident Investigation techniques, interviewing skills, photography skills, evidence preservation, root cause & analysis report formulation. The client was a major oil company based in Egypt

Berger – Fork Lift training

OSALP International conducted a detailed, thorough and practical forklift operator’s safety training for our client. The course was conducted in Urdu language due to the audience understanding. OSALP forklift trainer was highly regarded by the management of Berger paints. The training included hands-on skills and evaluation of each operator. The skill sheets for all the operators based on their performance score was handed over to Berger for future use and to bench mark operators with each other

Oman – Auditors & Inspectors Course

This training was conducted for an oil company HSE staff who wanted to become in-house auditors and inspectors. A specially designed training package was used for the participants based on ISO standards. The training also considered client in-house developed standard for auditing and complemented that as well. The auditors were also trained in observation skills, assertiveness as well as in team working skills

Clariant Chemicals – ERP Training

An Emergency Response Training was designed and conducted for Clariant chemicals. The training included various techniques of emergency response in fire, chemical emergency, earthquake, bomb threat as well as

Huawei Contractors – First Aid Sessions

OSALP International conducted various sessions on First Aid training for all contractors of Huawei. There were more than 500 people who got training in First Aid with very high feedback for the various OSALP trainers

Pakistan Tobacco Company – Train the Trainer Course

OSALP conducted a detailed and interesting TTT session for Pakistan Tobacco Company. The objective of the training was to develop in-house trainers for PTC Pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines – Forklift training

OSALP conducted this training for the airline with detailed safety measures require by the forklift operators while operating in a very sensitive environment with very little margin for error. The training was highly appreciated by the airline.