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Online Facilitator Course Certification

Course fee is inclusive of training booklets, lunches, teas, home assignments and training certificates. We offer group package rates for more than 2 participants from the same organization.

Course Highlights

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the entire world has shifted to online platforms for service delivery.

Training skills that once worked effectively face-to-face cannot be used online, and a different approach must be taken by trainers, teachers and facilitators to effectively communicate.

This ranges from innovative ways of facilitating to listening to new measures of success and being able to use the appropriate hardware and software .

This Live Online Course is the need of the hour and covers it all the necessary dynamic lessons, with a sharp focus on skill-building and modeling techniques via various workshops. This will enable participants to achieve the required objective regardless of the lack of physical presence of the trainer


This online course has been specially designed to transform and revolutionize the experience of virtual learning. A variation of Train the Trainer, this course covers the essentials required to deliver online classes, webinars, meetings, trainings, conferences, events, and much more.
It will equip you with the skills to capture the attention of your audience, manage your conference system, maximize participant engagement, design interactive content , and effectively communicate in an online setting.


The landscape of information delivery has vastly changed since the spread of COVID-19. While most face-to-face engagements have been shifted online, very few people are trained in online content delivery.

This lack of training can result in poor feedback, non-engaging and monotonous sessions, and reduced quality of learning.

This online course will allow you to reach your true potential and be recognized as a world class online facilitator.


The future of information delivery is online facilitation.  This certified course aims to develop your skills as a facilitator, while maintaining effective communication with your participants.

This course also includes a module focused on developing interactive content to engage your audience.

You will also learn to correctly use the appropriate hardware and software to effectively conduct your sessions.

Target Audience

Teachers & Professors, Trainers & Facilitators,, Leaders, Managers & Supervisors, Sport & Academic Coaches, Event Planners, Those involved in any type of online facilitation

Course Duration



CUSTOM:As per requirements

International Certifiction

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION: 1 Day (in addition to Accelerated, Regular, or Custom)