OSALP International

Security and Evasive Driving Training Course

Drive 2 survive.

Course fee is inclusive of training booklets, lunches, teas, home assignments and training certificates. We offer group package rates for more than 2 participants from the same organization.


The training provides peace of mind, arising from the knowledge that motor vehicle followers and attackers can be identified covertly without arousing their suspicions. Once they are identified, then preventive and control measures can be sued to safe oneself by becoming a target.


  • The participants would be able to learn the basic principals of Anti Surveillance and Security Driving
  • Being able to keep an eye on all suspicious matters surrounding you and your family
  • Learn techniques to avoid potential carjackers
  • Preventive measures that can be used in every day life to safeguard against becoming a soft target
  • Protect yourself, your passengers and your vehicle


“The trainer and the training topic was very informative. The way the trainer has associated this topic with ones family has really made course worthwhile.I have myself avoided mobile snatchers in KarachiĀ  while driving with my wife by making use of the course techniques.”


Download PDF brochure here