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Incident Investigation, Root Cause Analysis & Formal Reporting Training

Course fee is inclusive of training booklets, lunches, teas, home assignments and training certificates. We offer group package rates for more than 2 participants from the same organization.

Course Introduction

This is an interesting and effective course on how to conduct a proper investigation of a workplace accident. The course stresses proper investigative procedure and conveys an understanding of the basic skills needed by the investigator. It teaches how to analyze the facts, identify the contributing factors, and discover the root causes.

Main Topics Covered

Accident prevention, accident investigation types, 4 types of evidence gathering, interview skills with role plays and videos, art of taking pictures and videos for incident site, putting the evidence into the loss causation model, report formalization, remedial work plan development using SMART techniques, backing up your findings, and investigation presentation to the managers

Who Should Attend

Managers, HSE staff and any other staff member responsible to be the Investigation leader or a member

Learning Outcome

  • Why accidents occur, the events that lead to them and how these can be recognized
  • How to take pro-active steps to prevent accidents thus reducing civil claims, the possibility of criminal charges and uninsured losses
  • How to control secondary accidents
  • How to determine the basic and root causes of accidents
  • 7 practical steps of thorough  accident investigation
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Report Writing Skills

Course Methods

  • All of our courses are in a blended learning format utilizing the latest concepts of Adult learning principles. All of our courses includes practical hands-on learning experiences, case studies, group workshops as well as latest videos

Course Material

  • We have prepared excellent course material that will be presented in English .

Course Certificates

  • Course attendance certificate will be awarded at the end of the session.

Curriculum Director

  • Dr Mutahir is a PhD in Engineering Management. He is PMP and MS in information technology as well. He has over 30 years of experience in training and management. He is the overall in charge of the course curriculum and each course is approved by him for delivery, He makes sure that the course contents are current, applicable and any feedback from the previous courses are included to update the contents

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