OSALP International

Advance Risk Management Training Course

Learn the best risk management approaches.

Course fee is inclusive of training booklets, lunches, teas, home assignments and training certificates. We offer group package rates for more than 2 participants from the same organization.

Course Highlights

Unsafe systems can result in monies being lost due to accidents, disruption to production, criminal and civil prosecutions, loss of market share, and the degradation of company assets and the environment This course is intended to introduce to the delegate the practical ways in which safety engineering and risk assessment systems, methods and techniques can play a significant role in eliminating , mitigating and controlling high hazard situations and conditions.

Learning Outcome

  • Promotes a proactive attitude within the individual to hazard analysis
  • Introduce the proactive concept and benefits of safety engineering and hazard / risk assessment analysis
  • Help to recognize the range of the key factors to be considered in the process of hazard and risk assessment analysis
  • Introduce the delegate to the methods and techniques for evaluation hazards across a variety of industry sectors
  • Enlighten the delegate to the importance of continued learning from accidents and incidents
  • Help promote the importance of ongoing monitoring and reviewing of safety systems


“As technological systems become more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify safety hazards and to control their impact. Plant Managers and Engineers are becoming more aware that safety and risk touch on every aspect of the day to day running of their Plants and engineering and process systems.”