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Health Risk Assessment & Control Measures

Gain the necessary knowledge and understanding of the health risk assessment (HRA).

Course fee is inclusive of training booklets, lunches, teas, home assignments and training certificates. We offer group package rates for more than 2 participants from the same organization.

Course Highlights

This course teaches the participants to gain the necessary knowledge and understanding of the health risk assessment (HRA) process in order to carry out a comprehensive assessment within their organization / division.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand occupational health hazards and categorize them.
  • Give an overview of the Health Risk Assessment(HRA) process.
  • Scope the HRA and develop a Task Inventory.
  • Define Job Types and produce a comprehensive occupational health Hazard Inventory.
  • Carry out risk assessments as part of the Task Appraisal process.
  • Understand Occupational Exposure Limits.
  • Develop a remedial action plan to ensure health risks are adequately controlled to recognized standards.
  • Understand review requirements of an HRA report.

Course Methods

  • All of our courses are in a blended learning format utilizing the latest concepts of Adult learning principles. All of our courses include practical hands-on learning experiences, case studies, group workshops, as well as latest videos

Course Material

  • We have prepared excellent course material that will be presented in English .

Course Certificates

  • Course attendance certificate will be awarded at the end of the session.

Curriculum Director

  • Dr Mutahir is a PhD in Engineering Management. He is PMP and MS in information technology as well. He has over 30 years of experience in training and management. He is the overall in charge of the course curriculum and each course is approved by him for delivery. He makes sure that the course contents are current, applicable, and any feedback from the previous courses are included to update the contents.

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