OSALP International

We are looking to co-operate with professionals worldwide to promote our services.

Be Our Associates

We pride ourselves on providing superior services to clients at very reasonable costs. Co-operation with us means better service for clients, efficient and effective advice, and a timely and flawless execution of training and consultation services. OSALP Associate is a program in which we provide opportunity to associates to market OSALP products and services. This program offers rewards for each successful marketing endeavor. There is no prerequisite to become an associate. Any person with good marketing knowledge and information can apply. If you would like to become the associate or would like to know more about Associates Program, please send an email to and we would be happy to give you the required information and material. When you join the team of our Associates, you will get full support from us regarding the services we offer and at no cost to you. At the same time, we strictly implement a ‘No Conflict of Interest’ policy, whereby, for each and every client referred to us we ensure that we do not provide services that might be duplicating services our referring Associate might be offering, unless such services are part of the previously agreed upon range of services to be provided to the specific client.